101 Things in 1001 Days - 1/101

I made one of these lists fewer than 1001 days ago, but upon looking back on it, it’s filled with a lot of stuff I don’t even want to do anymore. So I decided to make a new one with fewer flights of fancy, but more empty slots in the list to fill… hopefully I’ll figure out what those things are before the 1001 days are up.

So here’s my masterlist.

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But has anyone ever noticed how bad Fulton is at sewing?

the holy trinity

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Thought I’d join in (insp.)

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Anonymous said: did you just learn all this by going? what do u think of the dark hallway maze


Yes.  I was completely lost until i had about 10 trips under my belt.

The maze serves to disorient you and take you out of the real world and “reset” your mind.  It seems to be a standard trick for Punchdrunk, at least now.  The Drowned Man had a similar maze.

Yes, this! But also, I had another revelation about the maze after watching Rebecca.

In Rebecca, there’s a repeated visual motif of the long, winding drive up to the Manderley. You see a maze-like path, twisting and turning, with no sight of what’s beyond the myriad trees, until suddenly there it is: Manderley, in all its beautiful, misty glory.

I couldn’t help but relate it in my mind to stumbling through a dark maze, no sight of what’s beyond, and suddenly seeing the Manderley, in all its beautiful, misty glory.

So I think the maze has another layer of meaning to it beyond its disorienting function :]

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